First Day of School Blues and How to Stop Them

Preschool is a major milestone in any child’s life. There will always be conflicting emotions at this time. Both of you are probably excited and nervous at the same time. You’re sad that your baby is growing up, but yet so proud of her. These emotions are normal and nearly every parent in Pre K Cambridge Ma can relate. Your child can pick up on these emotions though. She will already be nervous, so it’s important to try and keep your feelings in check.

Keep your efforts low-key or your anxiety could spill over, and your child will wind up more worried than excited. This is an important event. It should be fun. Try doing a little roleplaying in order to get her ready. You pretend to be the teacher, act out common routines, sing songs, read stories, talk about nap time and sitting in a circle with other children.

You’ll definitely want to make sure that she is able to perform some tasks on her own. Things like unzipping her coat and putting it on a hook, putting on her backpack, tying her shoes, going to the bathroom on her own, are all important skills to help her get through her first few days of school.

Most preschools will let you visit before the school year. This will give you and your child the chance to get familiar with the new building. You may even have a chance to visit your child’s classroom and meet her new teacher. The fewer “new” things that happen on the first school, the better. You want your child to be really comfortable with what she is about to be doing.

Of course you can’t prepare her for the separation that will inevitably happen. But you can reduce the feeling of being left alone with strangers. Take the time to prepare yourself and your child.